Portland Police Officer Justin M. Raphael

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  2. JustinM. Raphael

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General Information

Name JustinM. Raphael OpenOversight ID 588 Unique Internal Identifier 53785 Department Portland Police Bureau Race White Gender Male Birth Year (Age) None (None) First Employment Date None

Assignment History

Job Title Badge No. Unit Assignment Date Police Officer 52780 Rapid Response Team Unknown


  • Incident

    Date Jun 04, 2017 Time Department Portland Police Bureau Officers Christopher S. Lindsey, Jason S. Christensen, Michael E. Pool, Justin M. Raphael, Kerri L. Ottoman Description Portland Police kettle about 250 demonstrators. They were not given access to food or bathrooms for nearly an hour and only allowed to leave after police photographed each individual, demanded IDs, and recorded their identifying information.Click to read more Address None near None
    Portland, OR

  • Incident 2019-420530

    Date Dec 08, 2019 Time 1:40 PMReport # 2019-420530 Department Portland Police Bureau Officers Justin M. Raphael, Daniel J. Leonard Description Officer Justin Raphael killed Koben Henriksen, who was experiencing a mental health crisis.Click to read more Address SE 102nd Ave near SE Stark St
    Portland, OR

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One Comment

  1. I had a bit of an experience with Justin Raphael on Southeast 136th and division today. First, it was I didn’t use a turn signal, which one I get the camera footage, I will be able to prove is a lie, but then it became a turn signal for a direction I did not turn, and when I confronted him for telling me I didn’t use a turn signal for turning the direction I did not turn, his story changed to I was driving erratically, then it changed again and this time he had followed me from gresham, when I had been driving from downtown Portland. Then, seeing as my rights were being infringed upon, I asked to speak to the lieutenant or an officer from a different party and was informed by Justin Raphael several times that if I reported him to the police he would arrest me himself. He was aggressive, he forced his way into my car to the point that I had to crawl out the passenger side to get away from him, and while trying to enforce my rights as a human being, he asked me how come I don’t wear a badge and I explained because I’m not going to be trained to shoot to kill and detain without questioning, and lo and behold after doing a little bit of research, this dude has killed someone on the job before, and he shows aggressive behavior still too this day? Multnomah county will investigate this. This happened in the apartment parking lot where my best friend lives and not only do my friends have surveillance cameras around their part of the apartments, but they’re lease allows them access to all security cameras at set apartment complex.
    Justin Raphael does not deserve to hold a badge. He’s violent, aggressive, and he fabricates stories. Multnomah county will start taking action against their gang member acting violent police officers, especially ones with a record of aggressive behavior or causing physical harm.

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